W.I.P - Lopez

by Jenni Fyfe

Being a 20 year old something in today’s society is not what we imagined as kids, where we were always taught that we could be whoever we wanted to be.  It’s as though we are put in a position where trying to reach for our dreams can feel almost impossible. However, the biggest obstacle starts with ourselves because we are ultimately a “work in progress”. Similarly to creating music, you have to start with the beat, the sound, adding layers until you create your masterpiece. 

You can relate this to Lopez’s debut mixtape, Work In Progress.  A true artist that can take his personal situation and translate that into an anthem that moves you and makes you want to keep listening.  The opening song, “Hear my pain,” starts off with a simple spoken scripture that evolves into a truthful musical representation of his life.  It’s an upbeat melody that brings back a lyrical perspective that has been lost over time. The seven track tape has been carefully thought out; showcasing dynamic beats and that differ in rhythm, tone and tempo from the first song to the last with lyrics that are so relatable, yet raw and honest like 90’s hip hop!

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